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An INDIVIDUAL revolving around a racing culture, orbiting in an elliptical path at full speed, adopts the lifestyle that feeds passion both on and off the track.

Experience the thrill of racing every day with our racing lifestyle brand. From head-to-toe, we've got you covered with premium racing-inspired apparel and accessories. Our products are designed for speed enthusiasts, by speed enthusiasts, and embody the thrill and excitement of the racing lifestyle. Whether you're hitting the track or just looking for a bold new look, our brand has everything you need to make a statement. Get ready to turn heads and fuel your racing passion with our exclusive line of racing lifestyle products.


01. Centered around a strong, simple belief;
02. Driven by truly passionate people from founders to product developers and front line staff;
03. The brand reflects their passion in all it does;
04. The brand also reflects a strong and unique personality shared by founders and customers alike;
05. The visual language of the brand reflects the philosophy and personality;
06. Design and creativity are at the heart of everything they say and do;
07. Brand extensions flow freely from the same central belief system and design philosophy


Are extreme sports your passion and you can't imagine your life without them? Do you want to join our RACEORBIT™ Team? Send us a message with your best photos/videos of you in action - Show us WHAT'S EXTREME FOR YOU!

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