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No matter
what discipline

Be it the diversity of their success, the sheer number of race wins, or simply the talent, drive, and determination towards racing. Countless noteworthy racers have come and gone, the majority are largely forgotten to the sands of time,

Creating an aching void within.  


The racers 

ON &

the track.

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Superhumans with dedication and on track discipline, portraying strength, agility & fearlessness, with prime focus on performance with top skills, alertness and reaction time identifying reference points breaking & turning angles, posture stance and control, the willingness to get back to track post a crash, and all other factors that define a racer on track.

While being on track is your forte, and the mental process spills over into your daily life, eventually becoming a lifestyle. The mindset that you subconsciously develop to bring two worlds to the same page, looking for performance and excellence in everything that you use and engage with.

This humbled thought lead to the origin of

as a concept that our merchandise will not just be a conversation starter, but will carve a way to Introduce a new you that you have not met yet!

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Light & 

Our Merchandise is a simple concoction of fabric and typography that lets you stay connected to both the worlds.

The only form of energy that indicates the presence of an object in the dark is "light."

We consciously put a reflecting aspect to the merchandise on a black T-shirt with the philosophy that whenever light reflects on the typeface, it attracts much-needed attention; we see it as a means to draw you closer to the glory that you deserve.

We believe it is just a matter of time before you take your first step onto the poduim.

P.S. We're not talking about lightyears here.

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