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Raceorbit's Triumphant Run at Vroom Edition: Celebrating Racing Excellence

The year 2023 revved up to an exciting start as Raceorbit stormed into the next round of the Vroom Edition drag meet. Once again, we rallied behind the incredible talent of Vikranth Hegde, who left tire tracks on the road to victory. This time, Vikranth Hegde ascended the podium, showcasing his exceptional racing prowess.

Raceorbit is more than just a brand; it's a movement dedicated to shaping the future of racing for today's generation of visionaries and explorers. Our commitment to innovation and excellence resonates in every corner of the racing world.

Our shared passion for pushing boundaries and building a brighter tomorrow through groundbreaking ideas led us to create 'Fuel The Chase.' This initiative has become a driving force, uniting racers, enthusiasts, and creators to celebrate the spirit of racing.

Congratulations to @vikranth_hegde, our esteemed Fuel the Chase affiliate, for his remarkable performance at the Vroom Drag Meet. As the runner-up in the Jawa/YEZDI 2Stroke category with a blistering time of 17.684 seconds on a ROADKING, he truly personifies the essence of speed and precision. 🏁


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