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Raceorbit Live: F1 Talk with Soumil Arora!

On April 4, 2023, Raceorbit took F1 fans on an exhilarating ride through the world of Formula 1 with a live Instagram session featuring none other than Soumil Arora. A renowned Sports Commentator and Presenter, Soumil Arora is known as the voice of the MotoGP Indian GP and has graced the commentary boxes of the Indian Racing League and JK Tyre NRC.

Ananya Srinidhi, the founder of Kairos Racing and Hairpin Co. and a prominent affiliate of Raceorbit, was at the helm of this exciting conversation. Together, they delved into the heart of the Australian GP, unraveling the thrilling moments and dissecting the nuances of the race.

The live session was a feast for F1 enthusiasts, providing insights into key aspects of the race, including Carlos' penalty, FIA stewarding, Checo's remarkable drive, and the intriguing Alpine Cold War. It was an opportunity for fans to gain an inside perspective on the world of Formula 1 from an expert who knows the sport inside out.

As the conversation unfolded, viewers got a sneak peek at what to expect during the month's break before the Baku Grand Prix. It was a comprehensive discussion that left no stone unturned in exploring the exciting world of F1.

Raceorbit Live continues to be the platform where racing aficionados come together to share their passion, insights, and love for motorsports. The Australian GP episode was yet another testament to Raceorbit's commitment to connecting superhumans through the language of racing.

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