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Raceorbit Fuels the Chase at Taneja Aerospace Vroom: India's Premier Drag Racing Event

Raceorbit made a thunderous mark at Vroom, India's premier drag racing extravaganza, as part of our ongoing initiative, Fuel the Chase. We stood steadfastly behind the exceptionally skilled racer Vikranth Hegde, who showcased his exceptional talent astride the legendary Jawa CZ. The event unfolded at the electrifying venue of Taneja Aerospace, where speed enthusiasts and racing devotees bore witness to a heart-pounding display of raw power and unwavering precision.

In our relentless pursuit of fostering racing culture, Raceorbit continues to connect superhumans both on and off the track. With every roaring engine and every tire-screeching race, we reaffirm our commitment to uniting racing enthusiasts and making motorsports a way of life. The event at Taneja Aerospace was yet another chapter in our thrilling journey to amplify the racing experience, and it's only the beginning. Join us as we fuel the chase, one race at a time.

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