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Dev Venkatesh: Championing Off-Road Racing and Accessibility in Racing Lifestyle

On December 19th, we had the pleasure of introducing you to Dev Venkatesh, a multifaceted personality who's making waves in the world of off-road racing and beyond. Dev is not just an off-road racer; he's an athlete who thrives on conquering rugged terrains on two wheels. His impressive accolades include being crowned the INRSC Champion in 2019 and securing the runner-up positions in 2020 and 2021.

Beyond his passion for off-road racing, Dev Venkatesh wears many hats. He's a dedicated HR professional, a racer with a profound love for speed, a coach imparting his off-road expertise at the Tribal Adventure Cafe, and a charismatic model. Dev is also known for organizing exceptional events in the racing space, adding a dynamic edge to the motorsport community.

In a recent interview post a race in the National Rally Championship, Dev Venkatesh shed light on the significance of content creation in the racing world. He emphasized how compelling content plays a pivotal role in making the racing lifestyle more accessible to a wider audience. His insights and commitment to promoting racing culture align perfectly with Raceorbit's mission.

Join us in celebrating Dev Venkatesh's incredible journey and his contributions to off-road racing and the racing lifestyle. Stay tuned for the full interview and discover the secrets behind his success.

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