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Deepak Chinnappa: The 4-Time National Racing Champion

On December 17th, we had the honor of featuring Deepak Chinnappa, a true racing legend with a remarkable journey. Deepak is a 4-time National Racing Champion in Racing and Karts, making him a dominant force on the track. His passion for racing ignited at the tender age of 7, and since then, he has blazed a trail of victory in numerous racing events and National Championships across various disciplines, including Formula Cars, Touring Cars, and Karts. His achievements extend beyond conventional racing, as he's also claimed victories in Rallying, Auto Cross, and Hill Climbs.

At Raceorbit, we believe in celebrating exceptional talent, and Deepak Chinnappa epitomizes excellence in the world of motorsports. His dedication, skill, and unyielding passion for racing serve as an inspiration to countless aspiring racers.

As part of our "FEAT YOU" initiative, Raceorbit is proud to showcase a diverse range of racers who offer a glimpse into their lives behind the scenes during a race week or weekend. By sharing their stories, experiences, and insights, we aim to inspire a wider audience and demonstrate that anyone can aspire to make their mark in the racing industry.

Join us in celebrating Deepak Chinnappa's incredible journey and racing achievements. Watch our exclusive video interview with him at Raceorbit, and witness the spirit of a true racing champion.

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